Auto Accident Settlement Timeframes

Attorney Jaye Lindsay speaking answering a frequently asked question about auto accident settlement claim timeframes.

It’s really hard to guess how long an auto accident will take from start to finish. The reason why it’s so difficult to give a set number or estimate is because every single case is different. One person’s injury may require a year or two of surgeries and physical therapy, while another person may recover quickly, and a month after the wreck they’re ready to move forward with negotiations.

In general, there are three things that are going to largely determine how long your insurance claim, and therefore your auto accident claim, takes. Number one, the severity of the injuries. The more severe the injuries, the longer your case is likely to case. This is because we don’t want to negotiate a settlement with an insurance company if we don’t know the full extent of the injury and it’s still being treated.

Number two. What insurance company we’re dealing with. Every insurer carrier’s different. There are some that work quick and diligently to try to resolve your claim. There are other insurance companies that drag their feet and make it very difficult.

And finally the attorney they’re working with. Everybody has their own specific style. At JLS we work very hard to move cases forward efficiently, but we’re also thorough. Our number one priority is making sure that your rights are protected, your interests are protected, and you’re not left with some medical bill or debt that you weren’t even aware of. Sometimes that will take a little longer, and sometimes not. The best way to estimate this is to talk to an experienced auto accident attorney right away.

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