Slip and Fall Accidents

Attorney Jaye Lindsay speaking about slip and fall accidents.

Personal injury lawyers get a lot of questions, and one of them I tend to get a lot is, “Do I have a slip-and-fall injury case?”

When somebody is involved in some sort of injury, whether it’s on the sidewalk, falling down stairs, tripping over some carpet, the injuries usually are pretty minor. But sometimes, they can be catastrophic. People have broken hips, knees, fractured their ankles, even gotten concussions, traumatic brain injuries from something as simple as a fall.

This is especially true of those who are particularly vulnerable, like senior citizens, people with medical conditions, but a slip-and-fall injury is truly a premises liability injury. What that means is, to prove your case, you must show that the owner or managing company that operates the property was negligent in some way. They did something wrong that caused you to fall.

It’s not enough to say, “There was water on the floor.” You have to prove that the water was there for too long, or that somebody knew about it and did nothing, or that they didn’t have the procedures in place to clean the water up on time.

It’s not enough to show that there’s a loose step on the stair. You have to show that the owner of that property knew about it and did nothing, or that they were negligent in some way by not making those repairs. This is what makes these cases particularly challenging for attorneys and clients.

If you’re been injured in a slip-and-fall accident somewhere, talk to an attorney as early as possible to make sure that you have all the facts.

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